Independent journalist, author and archivist, member of the History of Medicine/Medical Humanities working group of the Commission for History and Philosophy of the Sciences at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) and on the advisory board for the Austrian Society for the History of Science (ÖGW).

My next book:

Cat's Cradles

I have just completed the crime novel which I have been writing – with breaks – since 2010. It is set in the Museum of Contraception and Abortion in Vienna. It is about suspicions, conceits and old pain. The working title is: 'Cat’s Cradles'. I am now in talks with publishing houses.

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Mabel Louisa Aplin, née Bidmead (2. 12. 1897, Dorset – 31. 1. 1979, Bournemouth) has been dear to my heart since I came across her doll’s tea set in a junk shop. My research about her came to a standstill right when I was in the thick of it because other things took priority. But I’ll be carrying on with it soon!

My work as an archivist

  • MUVS, Vienna (archive, library, curation, texts)
  • Private commissions for archival work, research and genealogy
  • Private commissions for biographies of individuals and families.

My previous book publications:

Biography from a family archive: Clara, born 1912. Her father actually wanted a boy to inherit his vineyard. Even her beautiful mother showed little interest in her. She followed a rogue halfway across the globe. Luckily, she met a reputable man from Hamburg there and became a successful businesswoman. (Limited edition, German, November 2018)

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    A different book about olive trees – neither a cookbook nor Greek mythology! A journey through the year with Petra Haider’s atmospheric photographs: interesting facts, useful titbits, the amusing and the bizarre. From luxury cars to houndstooth. From spitting contests to Mighty Mouse. And about olive oil. 170 pages, German. € 30. Published in April 2018. Order here.

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    The Detective of Fertile Days – The Story of the Gynaecologist Hermann Knaus (1892-1970) (German, 2017, together with C. Fiala). Hermann Knaus' combination of a hunger for scientific knowledge together with profound faith, of abrasive coolness towards sceptics and critics but touching solicitude for his patients fascinates me. The publisher is the MUVS in Vienna. It made it onto the 2018 longlist (category: Medicine/Biology) for the Science Book of the Year. The book can also be read in the Library of Congress.

    Tracking NS-Lawyer and Rescuer of Jews Helmut Pfeiffer

    [‚Spurensuche. Der NS-Anwalt und Judenretter Helmut Pfeiffer’], Dec. 2011, Vergangenheitsverlag Berlin, ISBN: 978-3-86408-003-6.  My research was supported by the Future Fund of the Republic of Austria, the Foundation Dr. Robert & Lina Thyll-Dürr and by Drägerwerk, Lübeck.

    Autobiography of a German physician (private assignment): More than 70 years of life, studies, profession, family, travels, etc. (Limited edition, German, July 2010)

    Die Sonders in Oldesloe – Eine Papiermüllerfamilie zwischen Courantthalern und Tuberculose (A family of papermillers in 19th century Northern Germany), in German, co-authored by Marianne Dräger, Wachholtz publisher, Neumünster (2009), ISBN 978-3529063589

    Mein Partner ist krank – und wo bleibe ich? (My partner got ill – and what about me?), in German, co-authored by Jan-Hinnerk Jacke. Forewords by Barbara Prammer (Speaker of the National Council of Austria), Susanne Kastner  (Vice-President of the German Bundestag) and Andrea Kdolsky (Austrian Senior Minister for Health, Family and Youth). Goldegg-Verlag, Vienna (1. edition 2007, 2. edition 2009), ISBN 978-3901880483

    Mama hat Krebs – Mit Kindern die Krankheit begreifen (Mummy’s having cancer - Acting in partnership with your kids), in German, Foreword by Maria Rauch-Kallat (Austrian Senior Minister for Health and Women), Kreuz publisher, Stuttgart (2004), ISBN 978-3783123692, Council of Vienna Award for promoting health

    Japanisches Wien (co-authored by Peter Pantzer, Professor of Japanology), Herold publisher (1989). ISBN: 3700803842 (in German). Simul Press, Tokyo, ISBN 4377408372 (in Japanese).